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Erikka Pope, L.Ac.

Erikka is a licensed acupuncturist and has been a practitioner of Chinese Medicine for over 6 years. She graduated from the Pacific College of Health and Sciences in New York in 2014 with a Masters in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine. Her undergraduate degree is from Arizona State University, where she majored in Biology.


Before arriving back in the desert in 2020, Erikka owned a boutique practice in Manhattan. There she helped New Yorkers with issues ranging from womxn’s health to rheumatoid arthritis. After two years of practicing in the city, Erikka moved 30 minutes north to the commuter county of Westchester. For the next 4 years, her practice focused on fertility and pain management.


Prior to working in private practice, Erikka gained invaluable experience in her 2000 hours of clinical experience working in the Pacific College of Health and Sciences clinic. She volunteered at Fortune Society, which is a foundation that works with individuals recently released from incarceration. 


Erikka’s interest in Chinese medicine was piqued when she was working as an insurance adjuster and was suffering from multiple health issues. After realizing that her physical health was tied to her mental/emotional health, she knew she had to make a huge change: enter acupuncture school! 


Erikka values balance in life and work with patients to use tools that are already easily at their disposal to create the most in this life.


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