Sara Hansen, L.Ac.

Sara is an Arizona state licensed Acupuncturist and Practitioner of Chinese Medicine. After earning her master’s from AOMA in Austin, Texas she went on to complete advanced clinical observations in Chengdu Traditional Chinese Medicine hospital, as well as completing two months of Daoist Medicine studies in China. While in the Wudang mountain region, studying the roots of Chinese Medicine, Sara was able to further enrich her four years of study by practicing Qigong and meditation while being immersed in nature; surrounded by over one hundred herbs from the Chinese Medicinal Pharmacopeia growing on the mountain. This opportunity, studying various Daoist Medicine tools with her Shifu, allowed her the time and space to embody the medicine in a deeper way.


Sara holds the belief that Chinese Medicine is a holistic and complete medicine that can unlock humanities own innate ability to heal themselves. Each of us needs some occasional support and guidance. Sara supports her clients to navigate their own healing journey while helping them unlock their unique internal healing compass. She loves to guide people toward the connections between how they feel emotionally and physically, with their stress levels, work, and personal life, as well as their internal dialogue. She brings 14 years of holistic health experience along with a massage background to her treatments.


When Sara isn’t working, she can be found enjoying nature, learning, or on a spiritual retreat. She loves the introspective time gained during hiking, sleeping under the stars, dancing, digging in the Earth and doing yoga and Qigong. When feeding her social side, Sara enjoys music concerts, art festivals, and farmer’s markets. Her love of travel has moved her to almost every region in the United States and to Southeast Asia. Engaging outside of her comfort zone helps her connect to our divine oneness while achieving a sense of being fully alive and awake.


She is excited to be a part of an amazing work family at Jade Star Acupuncture and Wellness and looks forward to serving this beautiful community of Tucson.