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Esmeralda Mustain, L.Ac.

Esmeralda was born in México city where she lived for 27 years and where she did all her studies up to University.  She is bilingual in Spanish and English.


Esmeralda is the kind person who really cares about other human and alive beings. She loves to work with people in facilitating their own healing process. She is a true believer of integrative medicines such as Oriental Medicine and Mexican herbalism. In Mexico, she worked with marginalized communities and discovered her passion for helping others.


She learned traditional Mexican medicine and herbology from indigenous communities while working with them on human rights issues.  She did a Master of Science of Oriental Medicine in Southwest Acupuncture College in Albuquerque accomplishing 3,092.5 hours of training during a 4-year program.  She accomplished 1,157.5 hours of Clinics treating patients. She had wonderful teachers that trained her, not just in Acupuncture and Chinese herbalism but other diverse modalities, including Tuina (Asian Body Work), Pediatric Tuina, Guasha (scraping like technique), Cupping (Using suction cups for myofascial release), Acupressure and other non-invasive techniques.  Esmeralda also has some Qi Gong training.


Esmeralda’s treatments are gentle but powerful. Her modalities help ease pain, but additionally, she can help with numerous other health issues as well

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