Medical Massage

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CBD salve available for any massage at no additional cost to you. Just let your therapist know if you'd like to try it!

Wellness Massage & Body Therapies (Extra time can be added to most treatments.)

An outcome-based treatment targeted to the specific problems or diagnoses of the client. 

(May require a prescription)


60 min: $93 |  75 min: $103|  90 min: $113 

Sports Therapy 

Pre- and post-injury prevention and recovery. 

60min: $93 | 90min: $108

Orthopedic Focus 

Focus on a specific area and function.

(Some conditions may require an initial one-hour treatment with an assessment.) 

30 min: $63  |  45  min: $78 

Lymphatic Massage

Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD) stimulates the lymphatic system and accelerates movement of fluid through the lymph vessels and nodes by up to ten times the prior rate.

MLD treatments create lymphatic flow through a series of precise movements in a specific sequence reflecting lymphatic system anatomy.

60min $108 | 90min $128

Healing Hot Stone Massage

A satisfying heat to muscular therapy. 

60 min: $93  |  75 min: $115 |  90 min: $135

Prenatal Massage 

A wonderful compliment to prenatal care. 

(In 2nd 3rd trimesters only). 

60 min: $83  |  75 min: $93  |  90 min: $108

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