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Allergies Happen Year-round, by Holly Williams

“Do you have red, dry eyes?” A question most of us are all too familiar with from the popular Visine commercial, especially those who suffer from allergies.

Most people hear the term acupuncture and think about pain relief; But did you know that acupuncture can help with so much more?

Whether it’s hay fever, seasonal, or all year round, there is nothing fun about itchy, watery eyes, having a scratchy throat and even having your nose run (someone should catch that thing!). Recent studies have shown that groups who’ve had acupuncture done while taking conventional allergy medications, reported feeling more relief, as well as taking less of the antihistamines.

At Jade Star, our Licensed Acupuncturists are warm, friendly and experienced with the treatment of allergies, by using Chinese Herbs, moxa therapy, acupuncture, or a combination of the three.

If you suffer from allergies, we can help! Call to schedule and experience world-class healing and relief.

Alexandra Sifferlin, wrote a case study article on, about acupuncture being an antidote for allergies. Read the full article here: Acupuncture may be an antidote for allergies

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