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Are Medications Changing Who We Are?

Opioids are the big topic right now due to massive amounts that have been prescribed to American’s leading to addictions and overdoses. But what about all the other prescription medications that are prescribed daily for a multitude of reasons.

Addiction and overdoses aren’t the only things we should think about when we start medications.

How are these prescriptions not only affecting your body overall but how do they affect your brain?

Zaria Gorvett with BBC Future wrote a very interesting piece: ‘The medications that change who we are’

“They’ve been linked to road rage, pathological gambling, and complicated acts of fraud. Some make us less neurotic, and others may even shape our social relationships. It turns out many ordinary medications don’t just affect our bodies – they affect our brains. Why? And should there be warnings on packets?”

We have all seen the long list of side effects they list on prescription medication TV commercials but are they telling us everything we need to know to make an informed decision?

How do drugs affect our brains and how can they impact our personalities?

Next time you are prescribed a new medication talk with your doctor and be sure you know the risks.

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