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Flower Essence Therapy by Danube Jacobs L.Ac.

Updated: Feb 24, 2020

Flowers used in flower essense

Flower essence therapy has been around for centuries, as long as there have been flowers and people who live near them. Indigenous people in North America were known to drink the morning dew off flower petals to gain their medicinal benefits. Since then, thousands of different flower essences have been bottled to benefit all kinds of conditions from anxiety and depression to insomnia and indigestion.

Though herbs, essential oils, and flower essences are all effective therapies that derive from plants, flower essences are unique. Unlike herbs, flower essences have very little of the physical plant material in the final product. They are made by placing flower petals in water, kept in the sun for hours, then strained, like a very diluted tea. Flower essences differ from essential oils in that there is little to no aroma due to the dilution process, also there is very little of the plant used. One plant may provide hundreds of remedies, whereas it takes pressing several dozens of flowers to make one essential oil.

Flower essence therapy became noticed and more commonly used after Dr. Edward Bach, a medical doctor and homeopath developed a set of 38 flower essences in the early 1900s, each flower essence helping with a particular imbalance. Since then, other practitioners have made flower essences from all around the world. At Jade Star, we use mostly Desert Alchemy Flower Essences, local to the Sonoran Desert, to make custom blends for patients.

Flower essences are the perfect complement to Chinese medicine and have provided the whole body balancing for hundreds of patients at Jade Star over the years. For example, a 12-year old received relief from chronic depression, a retired firefighter was successfully treated for PTSD and night terrors and a stay-at-home mom who was ready to reenter the workforce found her dream job while using a remedy to assist with just that. Flower essences work by balancing one’s energies and changing their vibration to balance the body and attract the desired outcome. They work so well, a 6-year-old patient happily calls them her “magic drops.”

If you are interested to know more about flower essences and how this subtle yet powerful healing modality may help you, just mention them during your regular acupuncture session or schedule a separate Flower Essence Consultation with Danube and she will be happy to guide you through the process and select the very best flower essence blend for you.

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