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Healing Itself- the Human Body

The body was designed to heal itself.

Many of us may not stop to realize how incredible the human body really is and how it was designed to heal itself more then we realize.

Some of the bodies healing is obvious- when you scrape your knee, for example, your body produces a scab, to stop bleeding, prevent bacteria and to allow the skin to heal.

The liver is the organ best at regenerating itself, even after 70 percent of the liver is removed, it can regenerate within two weeks.

Broken bones are set in casts not so they heal, they are set so the bones heal correctly, the bone will heal itself in a cast or not.

The cornea is constantly refreshing itself. When you scratch the cornea, that process gets even faster. The eye removes injured cells, while cells from other areas layer over the wound. New cells come to fill in the scratch, healing the injury without a scar within one to three days.

Our lungs contain tiny hairs in your lungs called cilia. Cilia normally sweep mucus and other substances out of the organ. But when you breathe in cigarette smoke, those hairs can’t move, causing mucus to build up. Meanwhile, irritants from the smoke cause inflammation and swelling. Quitting smoking won’t be able to undo major damage, but your lungs can recover some of more surface-level problems. Within a week of your last cigarette, the junk building up in your lungs will start to loosen, and ex-smokers will begin coughing it up. Heart attack risk goes down within 24 hours of putting down cigarettes because blood pressure and heart rate get lower.

These are just some of the obvious ways the body heals itself, those of us that utilize alternative medicine know that there is much more to our bodies ability to heal.

Acupuncturist and TCM providers believe that the human body is capable of healing much more.

Jill Blakeway with Elemental wrote this great article: The Human Body Can Heal in Astonishing Ways

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