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Jade Star is proud to introduce you to our newest athlete, Bay Jenkins

Jade Star is proud to introduce you to our newest sponsored athlete, Bay Jenkins.

Bay recently competed in the Gymkhana riding competition at the Pima County Fair.

During this event Bay placed in every event!

  • Standard Barrels: 26.910 seconds (4th place)

  • Tailspin: 14.772 seconds (2nd place)

  • Scurry: 12.364 seconds (3rd place)

  • Double bowtie: 23.378 seconds (4th place)

  • Horseshoe Barrels-19.521 seconds (4th place)

  • Figure 8 Cowhorse-17.479 seconds (4th place)

  • Pylon-12.018 seconds (3rd place)

  • Bowtie-17.705 seconds (4th place)

Bay started riding just 2 yrs. ago after being at a sleepover and one of her friends was going to a riding lesson, after going with her Bay knew this was something she wanted to do.

Bay says her goal is to keep riding for a long time, she stated how fun and happy it makes her. Bay said her favorite part of riding is the excitement it brings her when she places in an event and how much fun she has with everyone involved.

We are so proud of Bay for her hard work and incredible attitude. She has overcome fears and continues to work hard to become better and better.

Jade Star loves to support our community and local athletes with our sponsorship and wellness support.

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