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More on Vitamin D, AJ Baron L.Ac.

What is one supplement you can take now to boost your immunity, enhance bone health, and possibly protect against heart disease? It is vitamin D! If you are spending more time indoors, or usually go outside covered with sunscreen or clothes, vitamin D is an especially important nutrient for you to take internally (as you may not be getting enough from the sunshine alone).

Vitamin D promotes calcium absorption in the intestine and maintains calcium and phosphate levels in the blood, protecting against osteoporosis, rickets, and bone fractures. It also regulates immune function, cell growth, and neuromuscular function.

As you can see, vitamin D is a critical nutrient especially during this time to protect yourself. However, what is vitally important is the quality of your supplement. The supplement industry, in general, is not well regulated and studies have shown that many of the “top brands” that you find in drug stores or grocery stores are not living up to their labels. In other words, what you think you are buying in regard to levels of vitamins, minerals, or other nutrients may be completely false and a waste of your money.

At Jade Star, we only stock 3rd party tested supplements that are of pharmaceutical grade and proven to contain what they put on their label. Thorne Vitamin D is the brand we have currently on our shelves. You can ask your practitioner about it at your next appointment, or feel free to stop by and just pick up a bottle without an appointment.

Remember that Vitamins A and K work synergistically with Vitamin D, so be sure to eat your fresh vegetables and other whole foods to keep up a balanced nutrient profile in your body.

We care about you! Be healthy and stay safe

Amanda (AJ) Baron is a state and nationally certified Acupuncturist and Chinese Medicine Herbalist. She received her master’s degree from the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine in Portland. After graduate school, AJ continued her clinical practice with the Acupuncture Relief Project in a comprehensive health clinic in rural Nepal. AJ treated patients as well as teaching tai chi and adjunct Chinese Medicine modalities to local practitioners.

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