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Self- Care Shouldn’t be Thought of as Pampering, it should be Thought of as Priority

I’ve never understood the mindset that taking care of ourselves is somehow selfish or indulgent.

Women especially seem to always put others first, and I often hear my girlfriends say things like “I don’t have time to do anything for myself”. What I have found is that when you do take the time for self-care, no matter in what form, it will benefit you and only help you to be your best self.

We need to stop thinking we are being selfish. Women tell me all the time that they feel guilty for taking care of themselves and finding ways to relax. Self-care is not being selfish; it is being smart. How can you be your best self if you don’t have inner happiness, joy and balance in your life?

There is always enough time if you make yourself a priority. Many of us understand the need to take care of ourselves but we don’t make the time. If you don’t take the time now to take care of yourself, you will be forced to take the time when you are sitting in your doctor’s office.

“Carve out and claim the time to care for yourself and kindle your own fire” …. Amy Lppoliti

Tami Forman from Forbes Magazine wrote this great article ‘Self-Care Is Not An Indulgence. It's A Discipline.’

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