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Spring is in the Air- Allergy Relief is Here

It’s that time in Tucson when everything is starting to bloom, and the daily winds are carrying all those pollens in the air.

For many of us, this is when our allergies really start to be triggered, and we begin looking for relief.

Over-the-counter antihistamines are often the go-to for relief, however, acupuncture could be a better solution.

In a study published by Annals of Internal Medicine, two groups of participants were studied: allergy sufferers who sought relief through acupuncture, and those that took over-the-counter antihistamines to treat their allergy symptoms. After two months, those that received acupuncture reported less need for medication to treat their allergies, as well as overall improved quality of life over other control groups. Though results are mixed, quantifiable evidence suggests acupuncture as a viable solution to allergy relief to reduce the need to take allergy medication.

Regular acupuncture treatments can naturally alleviate allergy symptoms such as:

  1. Scratchy throat

  2. Runny nose

  3. Itchy eyes

  4. Inflammation

  5. Puffy eyes

  6. Eczema

As acupuncture seeks to improve immunity through the circulation of the body’s energy, treatment for allergies is focused on the front of the body. By stimulating the defensive qi in this area, your body can naturally improve immunity and work to lessen the onset of allergic reactions.

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