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Winter is Liana MacNeill

With the days getting shorter and the nights getting colder, winter is only a couple weeks away. Winter officially begins on December 21st and is traditionally the season of slowing down, turning inward, reflection and rest. It is also a time of holiday travel, hustle and bustle, not to mention cold and flu season! Many of us struggle finding balance at this time of year; luckily, all of us at Jade Star are here to help you be your best self, inside and out.

We’ve compiled a list of tips to get you through the season:

Bundle Up:

Many people are aware of the need to wear hats and scarves during the winter, and many people remember their grandmothers advising not go out in the cold with wet hair. Did you know this is more than just an old wives’ tale? In Chinese medicine, Wind is considered one of the Six Pernicious Influences, external forces in nature that are considered the main roots of disharmony and disease in the human body. These 6 Influences are Wind, Heat, Cold, Dampness, Dryness and Summer Heat (think Dog Days of Summer).

It is thought that the neck and shoulders are areas particularly vulnerable to the influence of Wind, which can enter through several acupuncture points located in this area, bringing pathogens and potential disease with it. One easy way to protect yourself and stay cozy is by wearing a scarf.

Eat for Warmth:

To counteract the cold, dry aspect of winter, focus on consuming warm foods, slow-cooked winter veggies, soups and broths like miso and scallion. Hot teas keep you hydrated and warm as well. Walnuts, cinnamon, fennel and black beans all nourish and support the Kidneys as well.

Eat until you’re ¾ full to avoid bloating and discomfort at holiday meals. You can always grab another plate or take leftovers!

Keep It Moving:

Some schools of thought advise against exercising to the point of sweating during the coldest months, as this is thought to injure our Kidney Qi, which we are ideally building up through the winter and reserving for the rapid growth of spring. Gentle to moderate movement such as qi gong, yoga, hiking and jogging are all great ways to stay active.

Book a Session!

It's easy to skimp on self-care during the holidays with so much emphasis on gift-giving. This year, put your well-being on the shopping list so that you can be your Best Self around those you love! Book an acupuncture, tuina, massage or craniosacral session with any of our wonderful practitioners today. You may also take advantage of one of our End-of-Year Package Specials:

Wishing you health and happiness,

Jade Star Acupuncture & Wellness Team

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