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Acupuncture, Thousands of Years Proves it’s Not a Hoax

For many who have never experienced acupuncture, just saying the word “acupuncture” makes them wince with the idea of needles being placed into the skin, but once they try it, they quickly realize that there is no reason to fear. Acupuncture needles are very small, most needles are about as thick as a human hair, so when inserted into the subcutaneous skin layer you really feel very little if anything.

For some others, they may think of Acupuncture as more of a spa treatment or experimental rather than a medical procedure that can provide many benefits.

Jim Shultz recently wrote an article titled: The Art of Acupuncture in this article he quotes a judge that wrote: “Acupuncture is no more experimental as a mode of medical treatment than is the Chinese language as a mode of communication.”

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