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How to Recycle the Right Way

Recycling has been in the news lately and sadly the news has been how most people aren’t utilizing their recyclable containers the correct way. When non-recyclable items are tossed into a recyclable container it increases the cost to recycle since they must take the extra steps to remove those non-recyclable items.

Johanna Eubank with the Arizona Daily Star wrote a piece “A guide to what you can — and can't — recycle in Tucson” see link to full article below.

In the article Johanna breaks down what is recyclable and what isn’t.

Recycle the most important and cost-effective items and don't worry about the rest:

Cans ─ soda, soup, other cans (empty, clean and dry is the rule for all recycling) and you can leave the labels on

Plastic ─ water bottles, other drink bottles, clamshell fruit or take-out containers, rigid plastic like detergent bottles

Paper ─ junk mail (plastic windows on envelopes are fine), newspapers, office paper, shredded paper (in clear plastic bags for much of the area) and cardboard

I was surprised to know that you shouldn’t recycle pizza boxes. I never knew that the grease and crumbs in the box make it non-recyclable.

To learn how to recycle the right way read Johanna’s full article here:

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