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Improve Your Health at Home

If you have ever experienced physical therapy, you know that they often send you home with exercises that they want you to continue at home as part of your therapy.

Here at Jade Star our licensed and highly trained Massage Therapist specialize in injury and orthopedic medical massages. When they are working on you with different modalities they may often recommend a particular series of stretches or a way to break a bad habit, such as crossing your legs or favoring one side when standing.

Often using a tool can help with those problem areas or habits, such as a Craniocradle, racquetballs, and tension bands.

The Craniocradle is a popular tool for those who suffer from chronic headaches, neck pain or have been told that their spine in the neck area has no curvature.

To learn more, check out this article by Tara Evans: Do at-home pain management devices work?

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