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Provider Spotlight – Krista Jones, LMT

In this provider spotlight we are excited to introduce to you Krista Jones, LMT.

Krista is an amazing licensed massage therapist, her skills in bodywork and her ability to really listen to the patients needs only add to the comfort of her patients.

Krista is a Wisconsin native who's always had an interest in a more holistic approach to health and wellness. In her free time, she enjoys crochet, painting/drawing and spending time with her family.

Upon settling in Tucson, she earned her License in Massage Therapy. She believes in bringing self-awareness and knowledge to patients about their bodies and views bodywork as a never-ending journey of learning and exploration.

Krista has had training in and is continually learning and developing her understanding about orthopedic conditions, Myofascial work, Hot Stone Therapy, and relaxation techniques.

Call us today to schedule your massage with Krista and experience her healing touch first hand!

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