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Why You Should Seek Out a Licensed Acupuncturist for Acupuncture

Knowing the difference

Often, we hear of experiences that patients had with “acupuncture” (dry needling) done by someone that wasn’t a licensed acupuncturist. Sadly, most often the stories are not positive and didn’t provide the patient with any relief. We find that most people don’t know the education and dedication it takes to become a licensed acupuncturist.

Lonny Jarrett recently wrote an article “My physiotherapist wants to use acupuncture needles; are there any risks related to this?” See the link to the full article below.

One part of the article I wanted to highlight is the following:

‘Chinese medicine cannot be reduced to a technique like “needle insertion.” It is the most highly evolved holistic theory of human function. It is an ecological medicine that understands human health in the context of body, mind, spirit, culture, and biosphere. It is not “needling” that makes Chinese medicine so valuable as a preventive and long-term care alternative to drugs and surgeries. It is the world view upon which the medicine is based. You can just look at a paragraph of English and a paragraph of Chinese to see that two very different world views with comparative strengths and weaknesses created them.’

Becoming a licensed acupuncturist isn’t a quick certification course. In Arizona you must Graduate or complete an accredited or Board approved program of acupuncture. Complete at least 1850 hours of training that includes 800 hours of clinic. At Jade Star all our acupuncturists have completed a Masters Program.

At Jade Star we are a general practice so we can help with everyday ailments as well as complicated chronic injuries. We believe in educating our patients about Chinese medicine & medical massage and how it will help you. We treat your whole body, mind and spirit.

If you are interested in acupuncture or Chinese Medicine call us today and one of our licensed Acupuncturist will be happy to see you and walk you through the entire process.

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